Announcing the 2020 Santa Monica Cares contest winners! –

October 31, 2020 12:32 PM

by Erin Taylor, Sirinya Matute

Over 60 children submitted absolutely amazing artwork, and it was so hard to choose with so much creativity on display.  Winners include Nico, Age 9, Melinda, Age 12, and Aoife, Age 4 with a big thanks to 60+ families that participated. The committee that selected the winners were so impressed with the talent,  creativity, and diversity shown in all submissions.  

Meet the Winners

Thank you so much to each and every family for participating and for the creativity and inspiration shared by all!  Thank you also to Santa Monica Travel and Tourism, Pacific Park, and Perry’s for their work to make this contest happen. Santa Monica rules!   

Left to Right: Aoife, Melinda, and Nico

Winning Submissions

Melinda, age 12, said that she wanted to highlight the different cultures in LA and the diversity of our city through the puzzle pieces. Also, since we live right by the beach, she decided to include the Beach Bike Path, Santa Monica Pier Sign, and Ferris Wheel. 🏖️ 🚴🏿‍♀️🎡 It’s so great that this Lincoln Middle Schooer participated, and thanks so much for celebrating all things local.  


Nico, age 9, said, “They (essential workers) are doing so much for us so we should do everything we can, and we should care about them.”  We just loved his point of view: “You Matter, We Care.”  🧑‍⚕️🛍️🚌 👮🧑🏿‍🚒 


It was the first time winning a contest for Aoife, Age 4. 🌈 We just loved her beautiful use of glitter and rainbows! (Top: Aoife’s drawing; Bottom: Finn, Aoife’s sibling)


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